Wardrobes in Need

Hello. My name is Katerina and I'm a professional home organiser.

Everyday life can be stressful and we easily end up stretched thin between work, family and friends, struggling to catch up and find the time for what we love or even a much needed rest.

The first thing we tend to sacrifice is the time it takes to keep our most cherished environment, our home, neat and tidy, not realising how much that chaos we're inviting in affects us.

Having worked with children and the Montessori system since 2010 has given me the opportunity to observe and discover the importance of tidiness in our surroundings and how positively it affects our development and well being, from the early stages of our lives well into our adulthood.

The time we can lose when we're frantically looking for the perfect outfit, trying not to be late, shifting through scores of rarely used and over-worn clothes, shoes and accessories.

The quality time lost between stressful moments of kids constantly distracted and on edge in the midst of a sea of old and new, underappreciated and broken toys of a multitude of colours, shapes and forms.

The missed opportunity of cooking the perfect comfort food after a long day, only to spend most of our free time looking for the basic ingredients, which we swear we have, surely somewhere in a cupboard, but eventually have to accept that we've run out or have to dispose of as they have sadly expired behind the haul from our latest trip to the grocery shop which we had to fit somewhere.

I'd like to invite you to take the first step towards reclaiming this lost time, the lost tranquillity in your life and push back the chaos with some order and efficiency.

I'm here for you, whenever you're ready.