Bedroom and wardrobe

  • Space-saving solutions for drawers, shelves, wardrobes, etc.

  • Sorting clothes, shoes and accessories by type and colour.

  • Helpful advice on decluttering and renewing your inventory.

Kids' room and playroom

  • Designing and organising kids' rooms and playrooms for easy, peace-of-mind solutions

  • Sorting of clothes by type, use and age group.

  • Sorting toys by activity and type, skill development and setting up play areas for them.

  • Space-saving solutions and organising.

  • Help and advice on saving baby clothes and toys for future use.

Kitchen, pantry and storeroom

  • Sorting of kitchenware, cookware and tools by type, use and size.

  • Sorting fridge, cupboards and pantry by food group and expiration dates.

  • Help and advice on dealing with defective or acquiring potentially useful equipment.

  • Organising and labelling stock in boxes or jars of your choice.

Documents and paperwork

  • Organising, labelling and filing bills, documents and paperwork.

Other services

  • Decluttering of any area .

  • Moving home (help with packing/unpacking, organisation).

  • Stress-free holiday packing for your family .

  • Supplying the necessary storage items and solutions of your choice at cost of purchase.

  • Green area designing, arranging and planting to your taste.